Dot Boxx July 2017

Hey guys welcome to my first Dot Boxx review! Dot Boxx is a period subscription box but you can also get it as a one time deal. I opted for the one time box so that I could just try it out first. I’ve tried one period box before and I absolutely loved this one more. They offer a few different boxes but I got the full size Dot Boxx. As a one-time box it is $39.99 and as a subscription it is $37.99 and you can choose to have it delivered monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. They also allow you to choose whether to have your box shipped on the 1st or the 15th of the month. I did purchase my box while they had a promo going on for 30% off so I got mine for around $28 which made this box even better for me. So now that I’ve gone over all of the boring stuff let’s get into the fun part!


When you first open the box there is the card on top revealing that month’s theme, which for July was skin care, and on the back of the card it has the prices of the special items individually and the total value of the snacks and period essentials included. They have brown paper with a welcome sticker keeping everything hidden.20170711_131631.jpg

Since this is a period subscription box I thought it fitting to have the first product be the period essentials. You have a choice between tampons, pads, or mixed and you can choose what brand you like. I picked all tampons so I got 18 tampons and then they threw in 5 pantyliners. 20170711_131550

The rest of the period essentials include one pain patch, 3 Advil packets, and 3 Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths. I like that they include things like this because it’s things you need but could forget to buy until you need them.20170711_131433

The first snack is a bag of individually wrapped Skinny Cow Caramel Filled Chocolates. There are 15 in the bag and this snack was my favorite out of all of them. I hadn’t had these before so I’m really glad that I got to try them out. 20170711_131731

The next snack is a single serving bag of Garden Veggie Straws in Sea Salt. I have tried these before and I really like them so I was happy to get it in the box. I like that not everything was chocolate too because I love chocolate but sometimes I really want salty.


The next snacks are similar so I thought I’d show them together. There is one bag of Freeze-Dried Fuji Apple pieces and one bag of Freeze-Dried Bananas and Strawberries. The bags are pretty small but they were still good. 20170711_131706.jpg

This next thing isn’t exactly a snack but it is edible in a way so I decided to put it in with the snacks anyway. They put in two of Woman’s Raspberry Leaf tea bags and two of Woman’s Moon Cycle tea bags. I’m not a huge tea person as you know if you’ve seen any of my other posts but I will put these with my other tea bags and will try to use them sometime.20170711_132104.jpg

The last snack in the box was one Fiber One Brownie in Chocolate Fudge. I have also had these before and they’re not my favorite but I will eat them lol. The total value of all the period essentials and snacks was $26.20170711_131812.jpg

The first skin care things I got in the box was two face masks. One Collagen Mask and one Green Tea Mask. I always love having masks around for when I feel like putting that extra effort into my skin. They didn’t have a price for these but I will put the prices for everything else.


The second skin care item in the box was this Glow For a Cause Facial Nourishing Cream in the scent Calendula and Citrus. This retails at $38. I love expensive face moisturizers so this was my favorite skin care item. It does have a strong citrus smell but that doesn’t really bother me. It also leaves your face feeling a little sticky but I only use this type of moisturizer before bed so it doesn’t really matter for me but depending on when you use it, it could be annoying.


The third skin care items are three Face Scrubbies from Krystal’s Craft Den. The information sheet says that you can use these to exfoliate or remove makeup or whatever you like. They retail for $19. I’m not sure how I will use these because they are really soft and I just hate to use them for taking off my makeup. I might use them to just wash my face after my makeup is off.


The fourth skin care thing is an Activated Charcoal Acne Bar from The Bodacious Bee. It retails for $7. I have not used this because I wanted to save it for after I move since it would be hard to pack it. The shape is kinda weird but I like it because I think that it will make it easier to hold onto.20170711_132024.jpg

The fifth skin care thing I got was this brush. The paper didn’t say what this so I’m not exactly sure but it feels like something that could be used to apply a mask maybe?20170711_132047.jpg

The sixth thing is another one of my favorites from this box. It is a Pineapple Lip Balm from SkinCraft Organics. They also left out the retail value for this so I don’t know what how much it is but it would be worth looking up. It doesn’t taste like pineapple but the smell is really there and I like that. It makes your lips feel a lot better especially if they’re really chapped like mine.

The seventh and final skin care item is a Organic Rose Clay Mask and Rosewater mini set from ApothOtopiA. It retails for $10. I like that this goes with the theme but is also a craft in a way. You can make as little or as much as you want and you have control about how liquidy it is as well. 20170711_133215.jpg

The total value of this box is $115 and I definitely think it was worth what I paid. I would be a little more hesitant to buy it at full price because I don’t like spending a whole lot of money at once but if you get on their email list they have sales pretty often and will send you an email when they do. Let me know if you thought this box was as good as I did and thanks for reading!


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