Graze Review July 2017

Hey guys welcome to my first Graze review! Graze is an online service that delivers healthier snacks in preset portions. Graze has a subscription box or you can buy specific things in the shop on their website. I have tried their subscription box once and I did like it but it just wasn’t something I wanted to commit to at the time. This time I decided to buy specific things that I knew I liked and they had a promotion where if you spent $20 I think, you would get free shipping and $10 off so you really just paid $10.20170715_135454

The first snack I got was a 4.2 oz bag of dried pineapple. This snack costs $2.99. I love pineapple but I had never tried it dried so I picked this up so that I could try it. I really like it and it is a decent sized bag for the price.

The second snack I got was a 6 count of caramel apple multipacks. This snack costs $8.99. You can’t go wrong with dried apples and I trusted that their caramel would be good so that’s why I got this snack. Their caramel wasn’t my favorite but it was good.

The third and final snack I got this time is another 6 count this time of cocoa and vanilla protein flapjacks. This snack also costs $8.99. Their flapjacks are my favorite thing they have so that’s why I picked this one. This flavor isn’t my favorite of theirs, I really wanted another one that I’ve had before but it was sold out because apparently everyone else wants that one too. Even though it wasn’t the flavor I wanted the most I did still like it.


I was really happy with my first order from their shop instead of getting the box. I would recommend trying the subscription first so that you can try out some of their stuff and get a feel for what you like from them. Let me know if there’s other services like this I should try and thanks for reading!


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