PinchMe Box #2

Hey guys welcome to my second PinchMe review! PinchMe is a completely free site that has a “Sample Tuesday” each month and if your profile qualifies you for samples then you can select those samples and they will arrive at your door about 3 weeks later all together in one box. I signed up for PinchMe 6 months ago and I have been able to get samples every month so that’s really good! In addition to the samples they send flyers with discounts for different things so I will include those also.20170720_163731

The first thing is one of the flyers I was talking about. I get this one often, in almost every box. It gives you a code for a free photo book and you just have to pay shipping I believe. I have never used one of these but if you are into that type of thing it would be great.20170720_163757

The next thing came as not a flyer but as a giftcard looking voucher. Unfortunately I am not 21 so I cannot use this but it would be really nice if you had a special occasion coming up. Since I cannot use it, whoever wants it first can feel free to use the code.20170720_163818

Our third flyer is for Hello Fresh which is one of those subscription boxes where you can order food kits that come with everything you need to make the meal at home. I think this may be something that anyone can get if it’s your first box but it’s nice to let people know about it still.20170720_163839.jpg

The last flyer in the box has a code for a free sample graze box. I also cannot use this because I am not new to graze so whoever wants it first can also use this code. I also have a graze review on my page so you can look at that if you want more information about graze.20170720_163854

Finally we get to our first sample and it is 2 LiquiCaps of ZzzQuil. This is only one serving size but that is enough to see if it works. It did work a little bit for me but not as good as Unisom did for me.20170720_163950.jpg

The second sample is one I got before, a travel size of Sensodyne Deep Clean. I really liked this the first time I tried this so I was happy to get it again. I only use Sensodyne so I like having small sizes like this for traveling.20170720_164007.jpg

The third and last sample is one Pure Leaf Black Tea with Peach teabag. Even though I don’t really like tea I was optimistic about this one because I like peach flavor. It was better than some of the other flavors I have tried but it still wasn’t something I personally would drink all the time.

So that’s all for this box! If you want to sign up for PinchMe you can go to their website and it’s pretty self explanatory. I really love PinchMe and they’re a great source to get free samples without having to do a lot of surveys or jump through hoops. Thanks for reading!



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