Bulu Box July 2017

Hey guys, welcome to my second Bulu Box review! Bulu Box offers two different subscriptions: one for normal fitness and one for weight loss (which is what I got). I had tried Bulu Box once last year but then I canceled it because it wasn’t that great but I decided to try it again and I liked it a lot more this time so I’m keeping it for now. On their website they also sell the full size products which is nice that you can find them easily if you really like a certain product. Bulu Box is around $10 a month but you can almost always find discount codes on YouTube unboxings or Google. 20170717_164938

The first thing in the box is a coupon for $40 off of your first box from Hello Fresh. Hello Fresh is a subscription box where they send you everything you need to make a meal. I think anyone can get $30 off of their first box but I like that they sent one where you can get $10 more off.20170717_164951.jpg

The next thing is a coupon for a completely free pint of Halo Top which is a low sugar and low calorie ice cream. I love that they included this because obviously they can’t send ice cream but it is a good alternative to normal everyday ice cream and it would be something good to try. I haven’t gone out to find this yet but I definitely will use the coupon.

The first sample is a tiny bottle of Organic Body Oil that says it reduces the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and dry skin. I used half one day and the other half the next day to see if I could see a change with such a small sample. I used this on some stretch marks I have and I do think that it helped them be lighter after using it for two days. I don’t know if it was this oil specifically or you could use any oil because scars and things like that get lighter when moisturized but this sample did do what it says.20170717_165107

The second sample is a pack of Xylichew gum in spearmint. The pieces are pretty small so I ended up chewing two at once. The taste was good at first but after a while it tasted different and not so good anymore which isn’t a problem if you don’t want to chew gum for a long time and you just want it to freshen your breath maybe but I usually use it for long term use so it wasn’t really for me.20170717_165127.jpg

The third sample is one serving of Swish 4 Energy. When I first saw this I thought it was like a 5 hour energy but when you read the instructions it says that you just swish it in your mouth like mouthwash and it will freshen your breath, give you energy, enhances alertness, and cools your mouth. Since it is still summer I don’t have a reason to need this but I definitely will need something like this during the school year so I will use it then and update this to let you know if it does work or not.

The third through sixth samples are all the same product in different flavors so I’ll talk about them at once. They all are Electrolyte Mixes from Dr. Price’s in the flavors lemon lime, raspberry, and blueberry pomegranate. Of course this type of thing isn’t something you can tell if it’s working for sure but the flavors were good and it made me drink more water so for that alone I liked them.

The seventh sample I got wasn’t even really a sample it was a full sized product. It is a box of Chickpea Pasta Mac and Cheese from the brand Banza. It has about 2 servings included. It’s a really great alternative to typical mac and cheese and it was definitely different but I think it was pretty good for something that’s better for you.20170717_164916

I liked this box better than the last one I think and I’m definitely glad that I kept the subscription. Bulu Box is cool too because you can go on their website after you got your box and review the samples to earn points that you can then use as money off of a full size product. I love this company and I would definitely recommend them. Thanks for reading!


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