Miss A Review #1

Hey guys welcome to my first Miss A review. shopmissa.com is one of my favorite shopping websites for makeup and jewelry. Miss A is a very cheap website that has makeup, jewelry, socks, phone accessories, hair accessories, and makeup brushes. Almost everything is $1! They recently came out with a line of things like bath bombs, eyeshadows, and highlighters that are up to $5 but that is still really cheap. I have tried their bath bombs before and they are a nice big size so I definitely think they’re worth a couple dollars more. I didn’t get a lot this time but I still wanted to show it anyway, everything I got this time was $1.20170722_140923

The first thing I picked up this time was one of their new designs for their AOA Studio’s canvas bags. I absolutely love these bags I have so many of them already but they are always coming out with new designs so I keep getting more. It’s hard to tell on camera but the pineapples have three different designs on them and it’s just really cute. 20170722_140959.jpg

The second thing I got was another canvas bag. These bags are great for makeup or I use some of mine for nail polish, jewelry, or when I travel I’ll use one for like toothpaste and stuff.

The third through eighth things I got all serve the same purpose and I can only use one at a time but for some reason I felt the need to buy six new ones when I already have two sitting at home brand new. These are ring kickstands for your phone. The back has a really sticky patch that sticks to your phone case and then you can use the ring has a kickstand or way for you to hold onto your phone.20170722_141133.jpg

The ninth thing I got I actually got for free because I reviewed one of my previous orders. It is from their new line but it is still $1 normally and it works pretty much exactly like the Biore ones do.20170722_141150

The tenth item I got is just a 12 pack of plain black hair clips. I use these to keep my bangs back when I wash my face or put on my makeup but I only have a couple and I sometimes lose them so I just needed to get these.20170722_141212.jpg

The eleventh thing I got was a new mascara they added from Amuse Cosmetics. I’m not sure if I love it yet but I do like it. It seems maybe a little too wet for me, I prefer dryer mascaras because if a mascara is too wet it uncurls my lashes so I will use this but I don’t know if I will repurchase it.

The twelfth through fourteenth items I got were from AOA Studio’s new line of eyelashes. I got the three that were the least dramatic but they are still pretty dramatic compared so some out there. I don’t like natural looking lashes because if I wear lashes I want them to be out there and obvious so I didn’t mind that they’re not very natural looking but if that’s something you want then these probably aren’t the lashes for you. Miss A is the only place I get my lashes though because you can’t beat $1 lashes and they always work great for me. I was excited when AOA Studio came out with their own lashes because everything else from their company is great and super high quality. I have only worn one pair of these but the band is really flexible to your eye which is great. I would definitely get these again.20170722_141414

The fifteenth thing I got was a pair of sunglasses in a gray color. I have a really hard time finding sunglasses that are comfortable on my face but these really seem to fit well on me and are super comfortable. I really love that I got these.20170722_141539

The sixteenth item I got was this pair of earrings. I liked these because they’re a statement piece but also delicate. I always love getting jewelry from Miss A because even if the color wears off after a while, it was only one dollar and half the time I lose it before that happens.

The seventeenth and eighteenth things I got are two earring pairs that are almost identical. I love hoop earrings so I got one pair that is smooth and one pair that has ridges.20170722_141608.jpg

The nineteenth item I got this time was a pair of magnetic earrings. I was just really curious to see if these actually worked so that’s why I got them. They do work but the magnetic wasn’t strong enough to stay together on the lobe part of my ears so I have to use them either further up my ear or on the cartilage part.20170722_141627.jpg

The last thing I got was a pack of six different pairs of elephant earrings. I love elephants so I just had to get these and I love getting several pairs for $1.20170722_140755.jpg

The above picture is how it comes inside of a black bag that says Miss A and it also is wrapped in bubble wrap which I took off so you could see the sticker. I loved almost everything I got this time which is pretty typical for me when I order from Miss A. I would absolutely recommend you try some things from Miss A and thanks for reading!




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