Hollar Review #3

Hey guys welcome to my third Hollar review! If you did not see my other Hollar reviews or you haven’t heard of Hollar it is a discount website that has name brand items for a much lower price. Their prices change every day so I will include what I paid to give you an idea of their prices but the prices that I paid may not be the same for you. I will include the links to products I got as well. Some of the items on Hollar sell out quickly so if you are shopping and you see something you REALLY want then you should definitely purchase it right away. This is a super small haul but I still thought it was worth sharing.20170801_130320.jpg

The first two things I got are holographic college ruled notebooks. I paid $1 each. The designs are chosen at random but I was really happy with the ones I got. They are typical notebooks but they’re really pretty and $1 is a decent deal.

The next thing I got I also got two of because I wanted one for me and one for a friend. It is the diy light box. They were $5 each which is a really good deal for a light box so I had to get them. They each come with 80 letters and symbols, they give you doubles or triples of some and just one of some. You can either put batteries in it or use the cord that comes with it to plug it in. I did not use batteries in it yet but I did plug it in to make sure it works and the light was brighter than I expected so I was really happy with it.

That’s it! I know it was super short but since the light box was a really cool thing I wanted to review it.  My referral link is: https://www.hollar.com/share/p9h4m63x. It is an affiliate link so you will get $2 off of your first purchase if you sign up with my link and I will get $2 credited to my account. If you aren’t a fan of affiliate links you can simply go to the Hollar website and sign up independently. I always love what I get from Hollar and I’ve never had any problems with a product. I fully recommend trying them out. My favorite item this time is definitely the light boxes. Let me know what your favorite item I got was or if you have anything else from Hollar that you would recommend. Thanks for reading!


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