Pusheen Box Summer 2017

Hey guys welcome to my first Pusheen Box review! This was my first time ever getting the Pusheen Box and it is more expensive but all the unboxings I have seen were so cute I ended up ordering one at probably 2 am. Pusheen is a cat character that was created for Facebook stickers I think but now the character has become very popular. The box was $49.95 including U.S. shipping. This season’s theme is travel so everything has to do with travel or the beach since it’s summer.

The box itself is really adorable. It is about the size of a FabFitFun box and it comes wrapped in plastic so that the box is protected and the shipping label isn’t stuck to the box so that you can keep the box. A lot of the items in the box are Pusheen Box Exclusives which means you can’t buy them anywhere else which is pretty cool.20170802_135826

The first thing I got is this tank top and I got it in an XL because I wasn’t sure of the sizing and I didn’t want it to be too small especially because I wear things loose but an XL was definitely too big for me. It wouldn’t be as bad if it was a tshirt but since it’s a tank top the arm holes go like halfway down my sides and I could basically wear it as a mini dress but that’s my fault and I still like it. I’ll just wear it to the gym and stuff instead of on a normal day. 20170802_135847.jpg

The second thing in the box is this ice pack. I love ice packs just for when I get too hot and want to cool down so I loved this.

The third item came folded up inside itself like a little bag but when you unzip it it turns into a backpack. This is super cute but it is a thin material so I won’t use this for everyday use but it would be good as a gym bag or a bag to take to the beach.

The fourth thing I got is a Popsicle mold set. These are super cute and I can’t wait to use them when I’m bored and feel like making something.20170802_1403001.jpg

The fifth item is a luggage tag which is great for me. I love to travel but I always do get paranoid that someone will mistake my bag for theirs or something… doesn’t really make sense but okay.

The sixth thing is a passport holder. I already have a passport holder on my passport so since this one has like those slots for cards and stuff I think I will use this as a wallet of some sort.

The seventh item in the box is this pair of Pusheen headphones. I love cute headphones, not even to use but just to have in my room. I tried these once to see how the sound was but I haven’t used them for a long period of time so I don’t know how they would stay in your ears. The sound quality is decent though. 20170802_1406111.jpg

The eighth thing is a set of 3 straws. I didn’t open these because I’m moving in one week so I’m trying to pack everything up not open more things but I think that you can take the Pusheen things off of the straws once the straws get gross. The one on the clear straw that you can’t see is Pusheen holding ice cream.

The ninth and last item is a Pusheen vinyl figure. They include a different vinyl figure in every box and this season we got one on a beach to go with the theme of the box. You can also take Pusheen off of the beach so that she’s just by herself. This is super cute and I will definitely display it in my room.20170802_141102

So that’s my first Pusheen box! I really loved this box, everything was so cute. I’m not sure if I will keep my subscription just because it is a lot of money and I need that money to eat so I have to start having some priorities but when I have money I definitely would get it again. Thanks for reading!


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